#11 How We Created & Launched A New Product In Just Five Weeks

Creating a new product is a hard job. Creating it with a 100% virtual team is even harder.

This week we take you behind the scenes of a new product we created and launched in just five weeks with a team of 13 people across four continents.

We get really practical and share soup to nuts how we organized things, how we communicated, and some of the key actions along the way that aided our success and efficiency.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Loom to make all kinds of videos on the fly

Asana to manage the projects (what we use internally for everything)

  • Sections to organize tasks into logical groups
  • Milestones to track the big… milestones :sunglasses:
  • Timeline to see how it all fits together
  • Custom Fields to track the status of a task
  • Rules to automatically move things along to the next phase

INTRODUCING: How To Scale Your Agency To $100K per Month (& Beyond)

We’re hosting a webinar to show off the product we discuss in this episode. If you’re an agency or freelancer who helps people with Facebook ads, then you’re invited to this live training where we’ll show you how we built & scaled Tier 11!