#10 What To Do When Your Team Doesn't Deliver

A big fear of any manager is what to do when a team member doesn’t do what you needed. In a virtual environment this fear is magnified so intensely that many business owners don’t even try to build a virtual team.

In this episode we talk about the keys that have enabled us to build a worldwide high-performance virtual team. Discover the leading indicators to watch out for so you can address a hot spot before it derails a project or account.

You’ll also find out specific tactics and phrases we use with our team to smooth things out and increase performance.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard
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#09 Six Tips To End Slack Overwhelm

1-Click Slack Status Update

You can set five “1-click” status updates in your Slack workspace. Here are the ones we setup in our workspace at Tier 11.

To change the choices, click “Edit suggestions…” at the bottom of the status menu.

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